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Are the dealership options for "Car Paint Coatings/Protectants" good deals on new cars?

These days when you buy a new car, dealerships are offering options for paint, glass, wheel and interior coatings, and some come with a lifetime guarantee. This usually means the application of some type of sealant. These products help prevent light scratches and protect against harmful effects of the suns rays (fading), brake dust on the wheels, spills in the interior, etc..  The protectants are valuable if the proper prep is done to the car prior to application.

What you need to know is that a new car coming from the manufacturer should be defect free.

Top 10 Reasons to Have your Car Detailed by a Pro

1.      Your car is dirty.  After winter’s road salt and sand, it’s dirty. Not only on the outside but the          interior too.  Remember the coffee you spilled on the console?  The bubble gum on the                  carpet, crumbs everywhere?

2.      You have an eye for detail and the dust on the engine is driving you crazy.

3.      Water no longer beads up on the hood which means there is no protection left on the paint            next to the clear coat.

Preserving and Protecting Your Car's Paint

Modern cars have 3 coats of paint on the bare metal:  Primer or base coat, color and clear.  

Contaminants are the largest contributor to having the clear coat paint layer break down exposing the color coat and eventually bare metal. Here is how the process occurs:


Here are some examples showing extreme clear coat breakdown.  Once this process begins there is no alternative but to repaint the surface.  Waxing, polishing, sanding will make no difference. Most of the time it begins with the top, hood and rear deck.

Scheduling maintenance for the exterior and interior of your car.

Maintaining the exterior and interior of your car should be scheduled regularly. Just as you change the motor oil, service the transmission and rotate your tires on a schedule, scheduling care for the paint and interior surfaces, is vital as well. This process will extend the life of the automobile, and a well cared for car will always bring top dollar when you sell or trade.  If you neglect cleaning and waxing the exterior, you risk having the paint oxidize, and the clear coat may peel off exposing the color coat.

Polishing and Waxing Discussion

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding waxes and polishes and how and when to use them.  

Simply put, when you polish you remove very thin layers of paint.  Most of the time you are only removing microns of paint which isn't even measurable.  Polish your car when you want to correct flaws in the paint or remove scratches, swirl marks, paint over spray, etc.  An example of a flaw would be the "orange peel" effect or dimples in the paint, generally the result of a poor paint application.

WOW! Concrete Splatter on a Car's Finish

Several days ago, a friend of mine who owns a construction company called with an emergency of sorts.  The concrete provider for his job site had splattered the exterior paint of a nearby Honda Pilot with wet concrete.  Of course the concrete dried hard as a rock and quickly. His concern was the liability he was facing and wanted to know if I could help.  He sent me the adjacent photos and as you can see this situation had the potential of being a serious problem to deal with.

I was hired by his company to take care of the problem before it escalated.

Waxes vs.Sealants

Auto detailers as in any industry have terminology they use which quite frankly can be confusing.  In this Blog Category "Detailer's Terminology", I plan to clarify some of the terms we use when we describe a service offering.

When detailers refer to a wax, it is generally a natural carnauba based wax.  The barrier created by carnauba wax is rock hard and protects your car's paint against harmful UV rays and other surface contaminants.  Waxes are ideal if you want to achieve the best finish for your car's paint and have the time and/or resources to apply several times a year.

Keeping your car maintained in winter.

Some believe that winter is a bad time to have your car or truck detailed. However, waiting for the weather to improve is not the answer.  The attack of road salt and sand on your vehicle can cause damage to your car's wheels, tires, paint and interior. 

A thorough car washing, polishing and waxing of all your exterior surfaces, cleaning the interior and applying protective barriers to the car mats, carpet, and fabrics, vinyl, rubber and plastic will help reduce and/or negate the bad side effects of winter.

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